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Whilst this website continues to grow and modernize at rapid rates, you must remeber it is still under construction.

Coming soon: Archives.

Very soon, you'll be able to visit a new section of this site full of archives of my old sites. This will help you understand how much my website development skills have progressed since I began in 2016!

We intent to put these on subdomains, such as '' due to some issues with just placing them into standard directorys.

Estimated Date: Mid July

Feature of the day: Today we added the feature of sticky footers, meaning every footer actually stays at the bottom of the page. To see how this would work, we created this testing page.

Announcement: Discontinuation of several website platforms, including:

*SammonNET will continue its local services as usual and is only ending its long disused website. SammonNETs web services may come onto a subdomain of
All of these websites will be gradually making their way onto the soon-to-come archives system, meaning you will still be able to use them in a limited capacity.